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ICPM is a global, research-based network of pension orgaadsfnizations that stimulates leading-edge thinking and practice about pension design and management. Founded in 2005, ICPM has grown to a select network of 42 world-leading pension delivery organizations.

ICPM is an important resource for pension organizations worldwide on cutting-edge pension research and global best practices that support effective pension and investment management. It organizes interactive Discussion Forums involving practitioners and researchers pursuing pension-related research and provides funding for objective and transformative research on pension system design, governance and pension investment management. ICPM fosters dialogue and interactions among Research Partners and leading academic researchers around the world, and shares research across the ICPM network to facilitate thought leadership on major issues facing pension systems and organizations.

With its partner, the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, ICPM delivers the globe’s leading pension governance education program – the Board Effectiveness Program – for board members of international pension and other long-horizon investment institutions.

Beyond its strategic partnership with the Rotman School of Management, ICPM collaborates with leading centres of pension research around the world, such as OECD (Paris), the Centre for Retirement Research (Boston), Netspar (Netherlands) and the Global Risk Institute (Toronto).

ICPM has an office in Toronto, Canada, while its executive director — Dr. Rob Bauer, a globally-renowned pension academic and Professor of Finance — is based at the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics in the Netherlands.

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Building a Sustainable and Vibrant Network

Our top priority is to more actively engage our Research Partners in ICPM’s network, creating a vital community where Research Partners can meet their international peers and learn from each other about global best practices.

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